The largest City in the Northern Human Lands, Watertown borders the Sea of Storms and is one of the largest trade cities in the known world.

Watertown was originally a small fishing town, but it’s close proximity to Tarsis soon led to it becoming a small trade port. As time went by, and trade increased, more people came to Watertown seeking wealth or stayed after conducting trade.

Eventually it became clear to Lord Amothus that with Watertown’s growth, it would soon butt up against Tarsis and might marr it’s legendary beauty. With a veritable army, Lord Amothus set out to expand Watertown all the way around Tarsis immediately, so that it would continue the design and, perhaps, even enhance the already impressive view.

Watertown’s inner city is designed like a wheel. It’s white walls circle around the inner city and go to the center spire like spokes. The spokes carry outward to the edge of Watertown, which has no outer wall (it would detract from the overall design). A little less than a quarter of Watertown has yet to be occupied, but is still very well maintained.


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