The Great Slave Escape

Growing weary of the small-town adventurer life, the party set off for Watertown hoping for larger adventures (and larger rewards). The party was ambushed and captured by slavers, who took them back to a large slave camp overlooking a quarry and mine.

Shortly after entering the camp and recieving the (not very welcoming) welcome speech, they were approached by an elven slave who told them that his rescue was coming soon, and that by helping the other slaves to escape, the party (and the elf) would have a much easier time in the chaos.

On the way down to the mines the dwarf noticed a hidden doorway in the stone that the slavers apparantly had not. The mage distracted the guards with his colorful display of his magic and the gnome disguised himself as an orc. The party escaped into the passage in the confusion (AND remembered to close the door!:D)

The party followed several passageways until they found themselves well away from the slave camp, where they left the secret tunnels. After ambushing some scouts at a nearby listening post the mages decided that rest was needed lest they be nearly helpless (having used the majority of thier spells)

Dragging the dead scouts into the tunnel with them the mages slept and let the cleric and bard stand watch. During the night the orc party investigating the newfound tunnel system caught up with them. The dwarf called on Pelor and enlarged herself to the size of an ogre and made paste of two orcs in short order with her morningstar. She quickly incapacitated the third with some help of the bard’s crossbow.

After the mages awoke and studied thier spellbooks the party ventured outside. It was nightfall, and looking in the direction of the slave camp they could see that it was under attack. The wizard’s owl confirmed that elves were attacking the camp. After a lengthy discussion the party set out to free the slaves.

The elves had lit parts of the camp on fire and, having expidited thier friend, seemingly disappeared. The party saved a few slaves in the main area and dispatched some slavers who were trying to douse the flames. The slaves informed the party that there were many more slaves in the quarry.

With two new capable allies (Leon and Hoagie) the party set off to free the rest of the slaves. After some impressive fighting and some impressive talking the party had an impressive army of slaves. The party sent the slaves away with enough money to support them for a while.

The party headed down into the mines and passes a large group of elves carrying out an impressive looking chest. They then searched the mines but found nothing.

Thoroughly exhausted the party travelled to the closest town they knew of, a small, road-side village called Hillsboro, and found an inn. Dragging themselves inside they paid for much needed food and rest (and baths!).

While the party rested they overheard rumours of what troubled the town and asked of ruins and items of power…

The Great Slave Escape

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