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  • X The Mystic

    Many circulate rumours of this man but few facts are widely known. Always spoken of in hushed tones, X the Mystic was one of the most powerful mages in recorded history.

  • Xander

    Xander Jerzyk Wilberforce Dimbwinkle Eljon Nobwyn Nacklewocket Ranzwinkle was born into a normal gnomish family. No high ranking government officials parents or amazing high mages for parents. Just mundane inventors. They raised him like any other gnome …

  • XX the Mystic

    h1. *XX the Mystic* h3. XX is a human magician who hails from Greyhawk and is just beginning to strike out on his own. He is a magician, but just barely. While the bards sing the legends of his father, no-one is singing anything about the son ---- …