Fanciful Gnome Illusionist


Xander Jerzyk Wilberforce Dimbwinkle Eljon Nobwyn Nacklewocket Ranzwinkle was born into a normal gnomish family. No high ranking government officials parents or amazing high mages for parents. Just mundane inventors. They raised him like any other gnome child. He showed quite a bit of potential twords inventing, and no one was surpised. As he got older, the dreams started.

At first they were only meaningless shapes, but as he got older they began to shape into creatures. He was unsure about them at first, dismissing them and continueing his inventing. They began to get more and more elaborate as he grew older, and he could no longer ignore them. Someone had to know about these beasts!

Each one was something like out of a nightmare, but Xander was not afraid. He was instead facinated by what he saw, and began to practice the sounds they made. Neadless to say scaring the others with his sudden roars and growls. He noticed he was quite good at it, and began to practice everyday.

As his sounds got better he was more and more determined to SHOW the creatures. He tried to draw the creatures but he never seemed to be able to represent quite as magnificent as they were in his dreams. He then went to the town Illusionist.

History was made from there. He dropped his inventions and was compleatly engrossed in becoming the best Illusionist. He practiced everyday until he was mentally exhausted. Every morning he would create the creature he had seen the night before. Soon he could make them move, and he could even recreate their sounds.

But soon he became bored of his hometown. Not many other gnomes were interesting in befriending the crazy gnome who was making the horrible creatures every morning. He left his town and began to travel, looking to find the creatures he had seen in his dreams. Perhaps they were real? Perhaps not. He wanted to search none the less.


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