Noble Human Warrior


Leon was found in a cage near the gallows in the slave camp, tending an unconscious halfling. Once set free he quickly set to helping the party free the other slaves. Liberating a sword and shield from a slaver he proved himself a capable warrior. Once all the slaves had been freed he asked if he could come with the party, clearly impressed with the party’s treatment of the freed slaves. His friendship with the halflingseems to go back a ways.

Male Human.

Clearly a honorable warrior with a noble heart Leon carries a great burden as he walks through life. Sometimes thought of as a bleeding-heart, Leon is constantly struggling to do the right thing. Believing that there is always a right choice and that any other choice is wrong, Leon can be indecicive as he tries to determine the black and white of a world in shades of gray.

Due to the situation is Hillsboro, Leon has decided to stay behind and offer what assistance he can to the refugees.


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