Jovial, Quick-Tempered Halfling Barbarian


Once conscious Hoagie was ready to fight. Battle plans were scarcely discussed as he charged off to bring the fight to the remaining slavers. Beneath his jovial nature lies the heart of a savage. Hoagie and Leon seem like they’ve faught together before.

Male Halfling.

Hoagie is completely at home amidst chaos of combat. Quick with a joke and quicker with his temper, Hoagie has been known to fly off the handle at the slightest provocation. Exceptionally strong for a halfling, and seemingly oblivious to his stature, Hoagie fights as if he were an ogre, shrugging off his enemies blows as mere annoyances, as he deals swift death to his foes. Hoagie loves his weapons and has begun amassing an impressive collection (which he carries around with him, nearly all the time)

Hoagie has begun strapping so many weapons to himself that it almost looks like a suit of armor.

Although his love of the battle has led him to stay with the party, he seems to be having second thoughts about leaving behind his long-time friend


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