Traveling Human Minstrel


Class: Bard
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Alignment: True Neutral

Instrument of Choice: Mandolin
Weapon of Choice: Crossbow


Brittania Helen Azura von Bonnevelt, better known as simply “Blue” to fellow adventurers and acquaintances made throughout her travels, is a wandering bard who may or may not have run away from her higher-class home on account of a threat to be married off to some baron. Blue’s nickname pertains to her hair color, a dark blue-black, and her mismatched traveler’s clothing is decorated with many shades of the hue from which she gets this name.

Blue is a self-taught musician and learned most of her skills with ranged weapons in her childhood, with the help of her brothers. She possesses an uncanny ability to sway the hearts of strangers in spite of being less than eloquent in the spotlight on some occasions.


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