gods' playground

A dark and stormy KNIGHT

(This story is told by Xander himself)

I remeber the dream I had that night. It was a huge flying beast with three heads. A lion, goat, and reptilian head. When I awoke I couldn’t contain my excitement and almost dived out the window to recreate the creature with my illusion magic. Unknowingly I scared the daylights out of some of the town’s youngsters, but that’s beside the point. It was a perfect creation! Even the sound it made! My skills grow everyday.

But on to the more important story. We decided to resupply and head onward to Watertown, which meant traveling through the mountain pass. We asked our new friends Leon and Hoagie to join us, but Leon decided his help was of more use to the slaves than to us. They seem like good friends, Leon and Hoagie. I hope maybe to have Leon rejoin us soon.

As we headed out that morning, X seemed to still be feeling ill. Probably something to do with that nasty rash he picked up. Agatha refused to touch it, so he had to suffer through most of the day and wasn’t much help.

On our way down the pass however, a man appeared before us. He demanded that we pay him ten of our precious gold pieces to pass. I promptly refused and he drew his weapon. Agatha, through some power I had only seen her use once before, simply told him to leave and the Bandit turned and began to walk away! Seeing an opportunity I used a spell to conjure electricity and sent the power through my hands. I grabbed onto his arms and let him have it! But suddenly crossbow bolts hit the ground infrot of us! There were more!

I looked up at the trees and there were two more in the trees. I raised my crossbow and fired a bolt and hit one of the bandits hard enough to knock him out of the tree! Let’s see the bard do that!

Meanwhile Hoagie ran straight for the other tree and after the other bandit, pulling out his knife. He jumped up and had a marvelous fight with the second bandit. I watched with amazement at his skill. But then came a resounding CRACK as the tree fell from a giant blow by the cleric who had enlarged herself to hill giant size and swung at the bandit. The bandit was crushed. No surprise there.


We decided to rest for the evening and tend to X and our wounds. I curled up in my fur lined robe for the evening and dreamed up another creature. This one was not as excited at the three headed beast. I was dissapointed.

On our way the next day, the sky opened up and began to rain on us. Quickly the rain turned to sleet, and we knew soon it would be hail. In the distance, we nocticed a shelter of some sort. As we approached, I noticed the building was a Tor. I felt uneasy as we entered, the door shutting behind us. For an old building, it seemed to be very sturdy. I still decided to keep close to the entrance, places like that worry me.

Suddenly there was a booming thunderclap and the doors blew open. Rats poured out and charged for us. I couldn’t even count them!

Blue screamed and fired wildly at the rats, missing compleatly. Hoagie made kebabs out of most of them. I tried to fire at them, but that being useless I decided to follow the Cleric’s example and stomp at the rats rather than waste the ammo.

X found his way into the corner of the room and wrapped up as we contiued on down the corridor on the left. I peered down the hallway, and followed as Hoagie led us down.

In the room was a statue shaped object made of bat wings and snakes. The bard… “offered” to go first, but as soon as she entered the statue seemed to come to life! The creature wrapped around it raised into the air and screeched at us. The bard fired, but it screached again and she missed. She cowered as the creature tried to bite at Agatha
I tried to fire at the creature and… compleatly accidently… I hit the dwarf unfortunately. I thought she was going to cleave me in two, but with the look she gave gave me was of forgiveness… for now. She healed herself, and as I grabbed at it, she threw it onto the ground and stomped it into the ground.

We opened the sarcophagus, which had been revealed under the creature, to find a gold ring. She tossed it in her pocket. I apologized to Agatha as we headed back down twords the original room.

After much debate we decided to head down the hallway across from the entrance. The hallway was much longer than the first, and somehow seemed darker. The room had three tables, on which rested metal tools. On closer inspection, they seemed to be used either for medical operations or torture.

Two hobgoblins appeared all of a sudden and charged us! Blue took the first shot, but it seemed not to do much damage. The hobgoblin who’d been hit charged her and swung, dealing a mighty blow on our musician. I tried to use electricity on the creature, but I was swatted away before I could do damage. The dwarf took a chunk out of the second hobgoblin and utterly destroyed him. Blue, seeking revenge, took a point blank shot out of the first goblin and mortally wounded him. Upon searching the hobgoblin we came across a extremely well made studded leather lifting belt.

He fell to his knees and begged for his life in a strange mixture of goblin and common. I decided to spare his life and he ran for his life. Agatha called on her god and healed our bard with her powers.

We decided to head into the next room, but upon arrival into the room we found a platform on which the corpse of a large creature was layed. This muscular, savage humanoid looked as if it would stand about seven feet tall. Coarse hair covered most of it’s body that could be seen where he wasn’t covered in armor. It’s face was similar to that of a bear, but much flatter. It had clearly been dead for a while, but something seemed a little suspicious.

It rose to it’s feet, much to our dismay. It raised the javelin in it’s huge hands and threw it derectly twords us. Luckly we all managed to aviod it, but we soon had bigger problems as the creature charged us. Agatha called upon Pelor to turn the creature from us and it suddenly ran from us! It cowered in the corner as we did all that we could to destory it. But as we tried to destroy it, it seemed to shake off it’s fear of us!

It took a swing of it’s mighty mace and hit Hoagie, but luckly soon after I was able to take the creature out with my mighty electric touch! I guess my mighty powers were too much for the creature! Agatha quickly healed Hoagie and herself, and then picked up the mace the creature was holding.

It was clearly well made and very balanced. She took a few practice swings with it, and decided to take it with her. While that happened, I searched the room and found a large amount of gold. We decided that after that battle we should take time to rest.

As I made myself comfortable, I listened to the sound of the storm outside. It was still going strong and didn’t seem like it was going to let up anytime soon. We awoke later and dusted ourselves off and continued to explore the rest of the Tor.

To make the rest of this story short, we also fought an ENORMUS spider which I took out brilliantly and found ourselves a treasure chest. Inside we found a headband and two gems. I put them into my pack and we headed back twords the entrance. I helped X to his feet and we made our way to Watertown. We took a stop at the Pig Whistle Tavern, and then reached our destination!

Watertown at last! I am excited to see what will happen to us in such a beautiful city!



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