Welcome to our campaign!!

(note:Blue text indicates a page with information, while Red text means info needs to be added. Feel free to add if you like.)

This is our new campaign homepage. This is home base for all the information we’ve learned during my current campaign. You are free to add any information as you see fit. Please add information in a new post to the Adventure Log and I will organise it when I get the chance.

For quick access to the basics of what you’ve accomplished so far check out the Adventure Log

For a organised list of just about everything in detail, check out the Wiki

To update your character description (please do) or check out some of the people you’ve met check out Characters

Feel free to add anything to any section, or just to the Adventure Log and I will find the right spot for it.

I have not added any maps yet, but when (…and if) I do they will be here → Maps

Add as much or as little as you like! And if you haven’t figured it out yet, you can click any colored text to be taken to the specific page it’s referring to. Have fun!

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